Matt (electromage) wrote,

The wind is making some loud and scary sounds. I keep hearing thudding and banging with every gust. The sound it makes in the trees almost sounds like waves crashing. I'm sure it's been doing this for a while, but the annoying fan in my UPS was covering it up.

NOTE: I am going to keep my wireless (802.11g) network online as long as possible. I don't know what kind of backups Comcast has. If you are in my area, and you have a laptop or pda, come on by my house and you can get online from the street. If I really like you I might even let you in. OK, if you're reading this, I'd probably let you in. You should have access anywhere on the upper part of 30th Ave NE, between 115th St NE and the crest of the hill to the north.
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